In pursuit of this objective for human welfare, Prem Raghu Dharmarth Chikitsa Sewa Samiti, registered on dated 24/01/2004 resolved to setup an college known as Prem Raghu Nursing College & Hospital. This college aims to provide qualified and well trained Nursing Staff. This college will be unique to provide education and other necessary skills for development of students. No doubt this college will stand a stone of miles for the welfare of this human environment in India.

Director Desk

Welcome to one of the pioneer institutes of India in the field of learning Nursing. Prem Raghu Nursing College & Hospital, situated at Agra Road, Hathras (U.P.). This College is established in year 2017 by inspiration of my elder brother Dr. P.P. Singh, director & main founder of the college. The college is run by the Society Prem Raghu Dharmarth Chikitsa Sewa Samiti. Being a medical professional I always had a dream to serve the society by providing an excellent centre for teaching in Nursing and the college is the realization of that vision.





Founders Desk

I Dr. P.P. Singh have always being attracted by the richness of Nursing system of medicine by the inspiration of my father Shankar Lal Kushwaha dreamed to established a Nursing College for quality teaching and unique training in the field of Nursing. So with the blessing of my father me along with my younger brother chairman of the college Dr. R. K. Singh have started the college in 2017. I heartily welcome all those who are going to be associated with this great institution.